• Rays - Drift Boat Cover

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    The 16' Rays has a 14'11" centerline and a 78" beam.

    The 17' Rays has a 15'9" centerline and a 78" beam.

    The 14' Rays Perfect Mac McKenzie River Drift Boat has a 13'6" centerline with a 68" beam and a 55" wide stern..

    The 16' Rays Mighty Mac McKenzie River Drift Boat has a 14'10" Centerline with a 74" Beam and a 55" wide stern.

    The 16' Rays Double Ender has a 14'11" centerline and a 78" beam

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    All our boat covers are:

    • Made of high quality Top Gun® material
    • Available in Gray
    • Custom made to fit your boat
    • Designed to last for years to come
    • Designed to be installed with oarlocks removed.