Protect your investment with a high-quality cover!

All our covers and accessories are custom made, one at a time, with high quality Top Gun™ material, to ensure you get a cover that fits your boat and looks great, and which will last for years to come!


  1. Keeps the inside of your boat clean; keeps leaves, dust, trash, and water out.
  2. You can tow your boat with the cover on; keeps debris and road grime out.
  3. Theft prevention. People cannot see what is in your boat.

How to measure your boat to make sure you get the right size cover

For handmade boats and boats that are not in our standard pattern file list to the left, please follow these instructions to get a perfectly fit custom cover for your boat.

You should also measure your boat if you are unsure of its actual correct length.

  1. Measure the Centerline

  • This is the measurement from bow to stern down the middle of the boat.

    • Allow the tape measure to sag to the height of gunnel. Do not pull it tight.

    • What I find works well is to lay your oar across the boat at the oarlocks (but not supported by the oarlocks) and allow the tape measure to sag and touch the oar.

  • Do not include the length of the anchor bracket sticking out past the end of the boat.

  • Enter the measurement in feet and inches in the field provided, to the next whole inch, for example: 16'11"

  1. Measure the Beam
  • Measure to the outside of the gunnel at the oarlocks.

  • Enter the measurement in inches in the field provided, to the next whole inch, for example: 78"

  1. Stern Anchor Bracket
  • Is the anchor bracket mounted at the center, or offset to the right?

  • Make this selection from the dropdown list.

  1. Have the measurements?
  • If you came to this page to check the measurements of your boat, then find your boat again on the menu to the left, and continue the ordering process.

  • If you are ordering a custom cover, then click the appropriate link below to order your Cover now!

  • For centerline measurements of 14'0" to 16'0"
  • For centerline measurements of 16'1" to 17'0"
  • For centerline measurements of 17'1" to 18'0"
  • For centerline measurements of 18'1" to 19'0"